Being Too Close to Your Brand Makes It Hard to See Where You Need to Focus
(And No, it’s not just you!)

Many founders we help have a gut feeling something is just not right with their brand story. But they can’t put their finger on it. Some know the problem all too well, and just want confirmation and a simple plan to fix it!

A brand story audit will quickly reveal the peaks and pitfalls for your brand. It will help produce a prioritized action plan to bridge those gaping voids that customers must leap. The same ones that cause others to come to a screeching halt.

Imagine a flawless, silky smooth brand story that makes the customer journey a stroll, not a struggle. And allows you to increase your positive impact and profits.

With more than 50 possible brand elements to be evaluated, and measured against four criteria, your brand audit report will show you exactly where to focus your efforts. How will your brand measure up?

Your brand story audit will enable you to celebrate the wins, pinpoint the problem areas, and fill them with your prioritized action plan.

Brand Story Audit

The process is simple

  • Prepare: Connect with your consultant via hi-def video to get you primed (you can be anywhere in the world!).
  • Submission: You provide everything to assess via our secure online form.
  • Audit: We do the work of analysing, strategizing and reporting.
  • Advice: Via hi-def video we go through your report and prioritized action steps. And all your questions will be answered.
  • Resonate: Time to put the plan into action and grow your tribe of raving fans with an awesome brand story!

“We found it very exciting to go on a high level dive through all our current product and marketing material and learn how they could be perceived. It was very eye-opening. It definitely showed us what needs to be done and why. And even though I thought I had a much broader, non-tech viewpoint, I was still too close to the product to see the brand story opportunities. We are now set with a clear plan to improve. Such great value out of this brand story audit. Money well spent!”

~Stephen D'Arcy~
Ronin Cloud

So What's It Cost?

Total transparency. The workload involved to properly review the materials you supply against the four criteria, identify issues and develop your action plan puts this audit at a true cost of over $2500.

We exist to help good businesses become better brands. That comes through trusted business friendships. So to establish this, we go deep upfront, and we are confident in our work. We know this work gives us an inside line into helping you implement the plan. Therefore, right now we are happy to provide our brand story audit for only $1497, for a limited number of brands.

What, Isn't It Free?

Frankly, you need to be invested in the outcome of the audit. This ensures we get everything we need from you to do the work to do your brand justice.

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Story underpins your brand. It is the message that is perceived by your team and your market, whether you are deliberate about telling it or not. A brand story audit is a thorough review of all your key brand elements to work out how well they align with your market and your team. It does this by focusing on a core set of measurements for each element of your brand.

A story exists for your brand whether you write it, or let it write itself through the perception of the client. With a consistent, relevant, and meaningful brand story being told across all your brand and marketing collateral, you control how your brand is perceived. That means to your team, customers and market. Such a story is what transforms you from a commodity to a crusade to join.

The four criteria are:

  • Design: quality, suitability and consistency
  • Culture: purpose, values and mission alignment
  • Buyer: audience relevance and positioning
  • Story: impact, simplicity, clarity, consistency
  1. If you have a gut feeling your brand story isn’t connecting with your audience
  2. If you want expert advice from brand story specialists
  3. If you have never done one before
  4. If you have done one before and you want to confirm you’ve nailed the recommendations
  5. If your brand is lacking in impact
  6. If you’re considering a refresh or rebrand - and want to know what to keep and scrap
  7. If your brand and marketing material is a massive mish mash of messaging
  8. If you have trouble attracting and retaining superstar employees
  9. If the market is confused about who you are and what you do
  10. If you are finding it harder than usual to generate new business
  11. If your clients are leaving you
  12. If your brand and collateral is hindering the sales process
  13. If you’ve never defined your purpose, impact and values
  14. If you find yourself apologizing for your brand
  15. If you find yourself correcting misconceptions about your business
  16. If you’re embarrassed about your brand and marketing collateral
  17. If your people tell completely different stories about your brand
  18. If your people don’t know your brand purpose, impact and values
  19. If your messaging is complex and heavily uses industry jargon
  20. If you have not defined your buyer personas correctly
  21. If you want to sense check any of the above that you feel you’ve done well

Meet Your Brand Story Audit Consultant

Hi, I’m Luke Faccini, lead storyteller and CEO of The Sponge. I’ve been working with good brands for 18 years and I’ve helped thousands of people just like you plant their flag at the top of the marketing mountain.

I know this space as well as anyone and a brand story audit is the perfect start point for any great revamp. I love talking brands and in our one on one you get to pick my brain about yours, with the report as the base.

I’m looking forward to helping you evolve your brand story and increase your impact.

Warmly, Luke

Luke Faccini

Founded in 2001, The Sponge is a Branding Agency & Consultancy led by Luke Faccini. Our focus is creating compelling Brand Stories, including new brand names, new brand logos, rebrands, and brand strategies.
Brisbane: Level 6, 200 Adelaide Street, Brisbane QLD 4000
Sydney: 164 Burwood Rd, Concord NSW 2137
(By appointment only)
Brisbane: +617 3067 8954
Sydney: +612 8073 0528

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