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Brand Design

Brand Design

Strategy Execution

Strategy Execution

Product Logos, Product Graphics, Brochures, Exhibition Displays, Posters, Print Adverts, Web Adverts


Fast wheels need dynamic graphics and fast looking product brand marks. We assisted with scalable designs and flexible color ways. We designed a multipage brochure and product poster to continue this design style through their marketing.

Bont-wheel-brand design-strategy execution-portfolio-03
Bont-wheel-brand design-strategy execution-portfolio-04
Bont-wheel-brand design-strategy execution-portfolio-05
Bont-wheel-brand design-strategy execution-portfolio-06
Bont-wheel-brand design-strategy execution-portfolio-07
Bont-wheel-brand design-strategy execution-portfolio-08
Bont-wheel-brand design-strategy execution-portfolio-09
Bont-wheel-brand design-strategy execution-portfolio-10


Fast wheels need suitably fast looking frame graphics; again, our design team delivered.

Bont-frame-brand design-strategy execution-portfolio-01
Bont-frame-brand design-strategy execution-portfolio-02
Bont-frame-brand design-strategy execution-portfolio-03
Bont-frame-brand design-strategy execution-portfolio-04
Bont-frame-brand design-strategy execution-portfolio-05
Bont-frame-brand design-strategy execution-portfolio-06
Bont Brand Design Strategy Execution Frame 7
Bont-frame-brand design-strategy execution-portfolio-08


Ice. Cold. Speed! High tech blades, and premium materials, both require awe inspiring decals.

Bont-blade-brand design-strategy execution-portfolio-05
Bont-blade-brand design-strategy execution-portfolio-06
Bont-platinum blade-brand design-strategy execution-portfolio-07

Web Banners

The digital sphere opens many opportunites to create branded advertisements. This is the case with for the Bont cycle boot.

Bont-web banner-brand design-strategy execution-portfolio-01

Posters & Print Adverts

Roller derby is a retro sport. What better way to speak to the market than with retro inspired poster designs. These designs were also used in magazine adverts.

Bont-poster-brand design-strategy execution-portfolio-01
Bont-poster-brand design-strategy execution-portfolio-02
Bont-poster-brand design-strategy execution-portfolio-03

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