Impact Essentials

Impact Essentials: How Your Brand Can Be Greater

Wed 14th December 2022, 12:30 pm - 1:00 pm GMT+10

Impact Essentials: How Your Brand Can Be Greater

The world has changed, not only with the pandemic. Today your team, clients, and your prospective clients and team members want your brand to do good in the world. This is AS WELL as providing an awesome product or service. An awesome product or service alone is no longer enough (as shared in this video!).

For many business leaders this is a new topic and needs expert guidance to get it right. Join us for a jam-packed 30min webclass to discover the simple impact framework that will unlock the passion, energy and commitment in ALL your people. That includes your team and clients.

What you will learn in this session:

  1. What an authentic impact model is and what to avoid
  2. The latest data on why it is urgent today
  3. How getting it right will enable you to gain real fulfilment, do good in the world, and increase your profits at the same time!

End 2022 on a high, inspired with new potential, and become the impact disrupter in your space and an electromagnetic for awesome people.

Ticket Price

This workshop is usually priced at $147 and right now you can get all the goodness for free because we want 2023 to be the year of impact. Click the Register Here button on this page and secure your seat now.

About Your Trainer

Luke Faccini is the Chief Do-Gooder at Sponge and has been helping brands grow since 1999. Helping people get clear on their brand’s Culture, impact and storytelling are his passion. He lives our purpose of helping all brands be good for the world, and looks forward to this session with you.

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