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Webinar Details

Join us for a munchable twenty minute marketing workshop where we get clear on the Why, What and How of becoming a values led brand.

If you want a brand that people rave about, you need to build a culture that people rave about! And that culture is grown with values alignment. In this session we explore methods to align the values in your organisation and build a culture that thrives.

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This is a free initiative by The Sponge.

Warmly, Luke and the team.


25 Nov 2020





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Hi, I’m Luke Faccini.

I’m a Brand Storyteller and Chief Do-Gooder at The Sponge, a certified B-Corp and proud member of Conscious Capitalism Australia. I’ve spent two decades transforming small companies & global giants into awesome brands. And my goal is to help good businesses, like yours, do more good.

The information I’m sharing here is the same training I charge thousands of dollars for. But I’m giving it to you for free, so you can put more good into the world.

Because we can never have enough of that.

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