Two entrepreneurial brothers were looking to fill a gap in the fitness industry and wanted a partner to develop a fitting brand name, mark, strategy and assist with their ongoing marketing

What Did We Do?

Brand Name Creation

Strategy Execution

Brand Strategy

Brand Design

Brand Name Creation, Brand Strategy, Brand Mark, Brand Collateral, Stationery, Business Cards, Brochures, Promotional Items, Product Labels, External Signage, Internal Signage, Posters, Decals, Digital Signage and Advertising Systems, Class Role Screens and System, Website, Custom Club Management and Membership Operating System, Club Management System, Printed Seasonal Promotions, Outdoor Banners, Digital Advertising, Mobile App

Brand Name Creation

The name Tribe Social Fitness was created to bond and empower their clients. The inclusion of the Social Fitness positioning within the name drives the culture of the brand.


Here’s why: A tribe is where a human belongs. There is unity, support and accountability. In a tribe one can thrive and get where they want to be. 

Brand Design

The icon design is an abstract of four arms locked in monkey grip, it is also symbolic of a tribe with momentum, turning in unison in tight formation. It is bold and strong.

The typography is open and friendly, approachable and fun. It is active and energetic. The orange colour says new, affordable, and energetic.

Style Guide

Below is the logo presented with the social fitness strapline lock up with a digital treatment, in primary colour and in reverse. Additionally you will see the brand colour guide where we leave nothing to chance, especially with Orange.


Over the time we were working with Tribe we developed a number of campaign and product brands. Here are some. You can see how they fit with the parent brand.


The tribe stationery suite consisted of business cards, letterhead, follower, presentation folder, and an assortment of envelopes and other printed mailing pieces including gift cards, vouchers and more.

Brochures & Sales Material

The club required membership brochures, event brochures, and promotional print material. We helped them stand out with unusual sizes and high quality print and finish. We produced plastic gift cards, event tickets and more. It was a case of what is the best way to communicate with the members and market.


Internal and external promotions were a monthly event for the club. This involved creative direction, photography and art direction. The results were printed posters, digital banners, email campaigns, and external signage to communicate the promotions.

Product Branding

Designing product labels for Tribe’s protein and water were a fun project to work on. We worked up different colourways to communicate the flavours.


The website we designed and built for tribe (not the current one) was video and photo rich, which we shot and edited. The content expertly copy written and produced. The site was built using PHP to integrate with the custom member management system we built for them.

The site was mobile friendly and responsive.

Member Website

We built the member site with the member’s usability in mind after surveying members and finding out how they wanted to interact with it. A members calendar allowed them to book classes, PT sessions and create their own private member events. There was a social feed that they could see their friends activities in the club, all designed to keep them accountable.

Members were able to review their membership account, log of their activities and much more. This infrastructure was evolved over years and cannot be summarized in 2 paragraphs.

Admin & Staff Website

Similar to the member site staff were able to manage bookings in their calendar. This section had multiple privilege levels where the owners can do financial projections, client retention reports, staff management, POS sales at the front desk, class management, advertising management, membership billing and much more.

This system was built completely from the ground up, from conceptual discussions, feature development to building, testing and integrating into the live site. It was the first club management system to be completely credit card payment only with full automation for membership fee collection and dynamic membership fee processing.

iPhone App

The perfect accompaniment to the members site was the iphone app. It allowed members to easily book classes and PT session, as well as receive reminders on their bookings.

We built in a visual food diary for them to use to document their nutrition for their personal trainers to review.

Internal Signage

Brand culture is so important. One of the easiest ways to encourage great culture is make the brand come to life in the environment. As you can see here we worked with the interior designers and architects to ensure the brand did that, from colours, to decals, digital signage, and the details in the member ipads.

External Signage

This building is iconic to locals because of the signage and colour that we directed. It cannot be missed and it communicates the brand message perfectly. We also leverage the high exposure location to promote seasonal offers with banners that span the external columns.

Internal Digital Signage and Monitors

We designed and programmed an internal signage and advertising system to rotate between class roll call screens (that dynamically updated when spots were booked and when people swiped their fob to enter the gym), and current advertisements managed through the staff website. This system made all members accountable and aware of what is happening at the club.

You can see some of the designs we did below.

iPad kiosk App

It was important to facilitate the members booking spots in classes at the club. To do this we designed an internal iPad centred system. It ensured members were logged out after a short time and created other special internal functions only accessible in the club.

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