3 World Changers For You in 2017

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You’re either an incredibly awesome and devastatingly good looking client, or you’ve stumbled onto this and you are equally awesome, naturally! Because of that, here are the 3 world changers I want for you in 2017.

1. An abundant, thriving business!

With more of the peachiest, values aligned clients, who are an absolute pleasure to do business with. Those who value what you do so highly, that they pay you handsomely with huge smiles, gratitude, and high fives all round.

2. A fruitful & happy company culture!

With the right people in the right positions, doing awesome work and making your work life ridiculously cool and breezy! Decisions are being made swiftly and independently, making those awesome clients of yours ecstatic, and freeing you to do only the work that lights you up.

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3. A better world because you’re in it!  

You and your team create impact on an increasingly massive scale. Your business leads with a powerful purpose. It’s aligned with a cause that you, your people and your clients believe in. And because you fearlessly put this purpose first, abundance comes rushing to you in return.

So those are my wishes for you in 2017. How do they sit with you?

Over the coming days whilst you take some much deserved R&R, away from your business I hope you take a moment to re-imagine your business in this way. A micro-sabbatical if you will. And shape your 2017 by shaping your thoughts.

If it seems like a stretch, it may just require a small shift in thinking. If you are interested I’ve created a one page Purpose Primer to help you with that process. You can get it by clicking below.

Enjoy your break. See you in 2017!

Warmly, Luke


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