We're Hiring!

About Sponge

We want to be the best branding agency for the world.
Sponge is unbent on working with brands who create positive impact in the world. It’s who we are and it’s what we do.

Our Values

A company’s culture is only as strong as its purpose and values. As big believers of this (and as guides for our clients in articulating theirs), our day to day decisions are directed by our values. We celebrate team members who exemplify these values. And we relish the opportunity to hear stories from you, our potential new awesome team mate, about how they resonate for you.

Our Purpose

To Help All Brands Be Good for the World.

Our Values

Genius at Play
Our insatiable curiosity for better compels us to incite the genius in every tribe member to play, generating funergy, and producing delightful awesomeness.
Perpetuate Good Business
With gratitude we strive to help all good, purposeful businesses become better brands, ingraining positive impact, healthy profits and awesome culture.
Big Love, Like Family
Our tribe is our family. It includes our team, clients and the greater community. We’re devoted to the success of our tribe, collectively and individually.

Sponge Values Glossary

Word selection is everything! We have been deliberate about every single one! The goal is to be as succinct and meaningful as possible. The following is how we define specific words so we are all on the same page.

  • Genius: The active state where we’re most in natural flow (as individuals). It’s where we produce the highest value, and are most energized.
  • Play: In choosing positive emotional states such as curiosity that we can be our most creative. It’s from this state that work becomes play, and is more enjoyable for all.
  • Better: Positive improvement, either by sporadic steps or perpetually increasing.
  • Funergy: This is simply the fusion of fun and energy, born from work that is fun and energizing!
  • Ingraining: Fixing deeply into an organisation, so as not easily undone.

About “Awesomeness”
We say “awesome” a lot. That is all.

The Role

Seeking A Social Media Superstar Intern

We’re looking for bright, positive, motivated humans who genuinely align with what we do here. Show us it’s you and join our team as an unpaid intern to earn valuable commercial experience, and help perpetuate goodness at the same time. 

Heck, when you show us how awesome you are and we fall in love with you, we’ll never want you to leave. That means you have an opportunity to earn yourself a fully fledged team membership, with all its perks. 

You will be working with our Chief Do-gooder Luke, and other senior members of the team, so insights will be constantly flowing.

Here’s what’s in it for you

We are not your average branding agency! While we have talented team members and take pride in delighting our clients with awesome work, we choose our clients. They must have a positive social &/or environmental impact as well as create healthy profits. This combination is what makes a truly sustainable business.

We also get to help enterprises grow who are cash strapped, via our Double the Goodness grant.

We believe business can be a force for good. Being an intern with us will show you the world we are shaping, and how to craft and tell impact brand stories for enterprises that do good in the world. You will feel good about every project you work on for Sponge, and potentially for our clients.

You will also experience what it is like working for a remote business. You’ll get familiar with our tools and the difference in communication and procedures for our remote team. This sets you up for life working from exotic locations as a digital nomad, should that be a goal.

You are expected to be the following:

  1. A good human, and a conscious consumer, who “gets” B Corp, Conscious Capitalism, 1% for the planet, B1G1 and similar ethical business models
  2. Demonstratively aligned with Sponge purpose, impact, and values
  3. Driven, a self-starter with initiative and able to work individually

You will attend regular weekly project meetings online. This is a remote role.

At events/meetings we expect:

  • Positive and friendly assistance
  • Energy and willingness to own the roles required
  • Go above and beyond to make the experience “delightfully awesome” for attendees

With the team we expect you to:

  • Adopt our methodology 
  • Align behind our purpose
  • Behave inline with our values
  • Take on our brand sensibilities
  • Bring ideas to the table
  • Be open to others ideas
  • Truly collaborate (adopt the best idea)
  • Own tasks and deliver 
  • Be a good teammate

With tasks we expect you to:

  • Be self motivated and get tasks done (without being pushed)
  • Communicate well and timely
  • Do an outstanding job with owned tasks
  • Complete the work on schedule with clear communication and respect for the team
  • Be early to speak up with questions when unclear

One on one (with leadership) we expect you to:

  • Quickly learn and adopt new knowledge and processes
  • Continuously improve
  • Contribute new ideas
  • Contribute energy
  • Be present and attentive

Skills we expect:

While this is not a professional role, we expect a degree of experience and conversational knowledge of the following platforms from a marketing perspective.

  • Social Channels:
    • Facebook
    • Insta
    • Linkedin
    • Youtube
    • Twitter
  • Bonus:
    • Tiktok
    • Snapchat
  • Design sense
    • Able to comment on what good design for social is
    • Adopt a brand style guide for social posts
  • Social media trends (conversational on current trends)
  • Proven writing skills – Suitable for the right channel (blog posts, insta captions, etc)
  • Understanding of video for social media

Your time with us

This role is for 3 months, for a minimum of 1 day per week. That includes online meetings and working remotely. You will be working with our Sponge brand, and our community brand GoodNorth. All work will be guided by your senior creative team and only published if it is awesome (which we hope it will be). 

Sounds like you? If so, we’d like to get to know you! Send us a cover letter and complete the Challenge below.

Your Cover Letter

Here’s what we need to know:


Your Experience

  1. What’s your level of experience? Share a couple examples to demonstrate your level of experience with the various social media platforms, and what we’ve outlined…
  2. How do you organically grow social media communities?
  3. What steps do you take in planning out social media strategies? What tools do you use?
  4. Are you paying attention? Include the word energizer in the subject line of your email application.

Your Values

  1. Introduce yourself – We are a values driven company, so values alignment comes first. Reread our company values (at the top of the page) and tell us what each means to you and how your personal values align.
  2. What are 2 of your personal favourite Good Businesses (brands with a positive impact) and why?

Your Availability

  1. Availability for 1 regular online team meeting per week during business hours.
  2. Able to commit to up to 14 hours/week of learning and awesome work.

Our Challenge

The best way for us to see what you’re made of is a real demonstration! Are you up for the challenge?

  • Craft 3 Insta posts that are on brand for Sponge (Include link to photo where applicable)
  • Write a Blog Post that introduces you in a way that demonstrates your spongeness.
  • Bonus: We have a YouTube channel that needs some love. Tell us what you would do to help us reach our goal of gaining 10,000 relevant subscribers this year.
  • Your application email subject line must include the trigger word for it to filter into our view.


If you have been nodding furiously all the way to this point – knowing that you are the awesome individual that we’re looking for, then:


  • Send us your application to wannabe@thesponge.com.au 
  • Make sure you are thorough so we get to see your awesomeness
  • Include answers to the sections Your Experience, Your Values, Your Availability in your cover letter
  • Attach the answers to our Challenge in a separate document


We look forward to hearing from you!




Sponge Team


Sponge is an equal opportunity employer and we welcome applications from all qualified candidates, regardless of race, gender, age, religion, sexual orientation, or disability status. We are committed to creating a diverse and inclusive workplace and encourage candidates from underrepresented communities to apply. If you require any assistance during the recruitment process, please let us know.


N.B. The content you submit in response to this challenge is for evaluation/screening purposes only and will not be posted on any of our social media platforms.


Warning: Agencies, recruiters, spammers and incomplete applications will be ignored/deleted. Thanks for your understanding.