Rebranding Stop Losing Sales Due to Confusion about Your Brand

Sometimes you just need to rebuild. You need to tear your look, feel and messaging down to the studs, and start over. Because you’ve grown. You’ve had changes. You’ve matured as a business, and your dusty old mission statement has become obsolete.
When everything in the marketplace has changed but you, it’s time to rebrand.

We Love Helping Good People Grow Their Brands

Rebranding Is Your Chance to Tell Your Story to the World. Again!

A rebranding strategy isn’t just a new website and a catchy tagline. Rebranding a business is a full break-it-down-and-build-it-better company makeover. It’s a complete redefinition of who you are and what you stand for, resulting in a new cause, a stronger promise and a genuine purpose for your business.
You plant your flag. You declare your values and march forward with commitment. Your employees become patriots, your customers turn into supporters, and you evolve as a responsible business (and Kumbaya plays faintly in the background as you walk).

“I cannot recommend The Sponge’s services enough if you are looking for a strong presence, creative thinking and high quality branding.”

Mark Capelin, Tribe Social Fitness

Rebranding a Company Is Massive

You’re essentially taking a sledgehammer to your identity. Don’t worry, we’ll help you rebuild it. And we promise you, you’ll love it (so will your customers). But you need to know that rebranding is resource intensive. Especially in the early stages.
A full rebranding process includes (but is not limited to):

  • Market & Customer Research & Analysis
  • Brand Workshops
  • Purpose, Values & Promise Realignment
  • Brand Strategy & Direction
  • Key Messaging & Brand Positioning
  • And That’s All Before the Design Concepts (Naming, Logos, Signage, Website Etc.)

Just imagine the finish, though. You will have purpose.
Looking for something less intensive?

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When Is the Right Time to Rebrand?

There are only a few occasions when we recommend breaking out the heavy machinery. Opportunities for a full rebrand include:

  • Ownership Changes
  • Maturation of Business
  • Expansion into New Markets or Geography
  • Change in Direction
  • Merger, Acquisition, or Spin Off
  • Legal or Reputational Damage
  • Overwhelming Success of a Sub-brand

Put simply, when your branding creates confusion, it’s time to make a change.
That’s where we come in.

The Sponge Exists to Help You Make Your Rebrand Perfect

Rebranding makes you a celebrity – and we’re your entourage. We’re the rebranding agency that will pull you out of your polycotton business suit and slide you into a sexy pair of (work-appropriate) skinny jeans. We don’t stop until you have an identity you’re proud of, and a story that represents who you really are. One that tells your customers about the culture you’ve built, the products you’ve created, and the community you serve.
You’ll get a brand story that makes people want to pull up a chair and discuss it during book club.

This will help you identify the full scope of your project. Then we can work to define your purpose, your values, and what makes you different.
And we’ve got additional resources too, – like a 5-point checklist to make sure you’re telling the right story. So, click here to make your inbox a comprehensive (but not too overwhelming) library of branding.
You’ll quickly become the smartest rebrander in the room.
Well, until we walk in, anyway! #Humblebrag

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We Love Helping Good People Grow Their Brands