New Book: Impact Brand Storytelling

A How To Guide For Businesses Hell-bent On Changing The World

Does your brand story create resistance, or does it resonate for your audience (and convert like crazy)?

I was compelled to write this book because I have met many great founders who too are hell-bent on changing the world. I notice a lot of them have one problem in common: They suck at brand storytelling! I’ll rephrase that more constructively. Their brand stories need structure and an impact overhaul.

Impact Brand Storytelling Is All About Real Human Connection

Human connection happens when your brand story has impact ingrained. And when it has authenticity. Helping organisations craft their impact brand story is the work that sets me on fire. My team and I choose to work with businesses that have positive social or environmental impacts. Or those who intend to, and so they come on that journey with us. And of course they should also want to grow (or generate) healthy profits.

As an agency, we can only help so many clients directly. And I want ALL founders hell-bent on changing the world to have an impact brand story that helps them achieve their goals, not hinder them. That’s why I wrote this book!

I want to show you the exact impact brand story model I developed through trial and error for The Sponge. And the same one we use with all our clients. It will help you find and tell your authentic impact brand story, anchored on a foundation that builds an awesome culture. And that gives you a tribe of die-hard fans.

I want this for you. That is what this book is for.
Warmly, Luke

Impact BrandStorytelling Book Cover


"Just a quick note to say I've been reading your book - love how you can pack such powerful meaning into simple sentences. Am a bit in awe. Go you!"

Jennekin Dicks

"I picked up Luke’s book as we are rebranding our business and we wanted to build in an impact model to show our team and future clients what we stood for. In the past we have made charitable donations but it certainly didn’t feel as if we were part of the overall solution to the problems that the charities were helping to alleviate. This was a problem for our team as we didn’t feel like we were doing as much as we could. Luke’s book gave me a new perspective on impact models and showed me the layers that you need to address to get them right (I.e ‘bolting in’ not ‘bolting on’ the model, ensuring that there were synergies with brand purpose and the nature of our business etc). It’s a short, sharp lesson in what to do and what to think about when it comes to assessing how your brand can do more good in the world. Since reading the book we have established a clear vision for what we want to achieve as a business to help with social issues in our community. We can’t wait to roll out our impact model as part of our rebranding over the next few months thanks to the advice in the book!"

Tom Harrison

"Easy and quick read but with lots of exercises/workshops so it's a book that is most valuable when referred back to again and again. Great tool as I start my own small business... and most likely in the future as I grow too! Nice bonus offer at the end too :)"

Jess Nadeau

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