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An Electromagnetic Brand Refresh Valued at A$16,500

An Electromagnetic Brand is one that effortlessly pulls awesome people to your business. That means more of the right kind of clients and team members, sticking with you for good! How sweet would business be then? That’s what you can win.

Remember: If you love your brand and believe it doesn’t need a refresh, then you can win an Electromagnetic Brand Marketing Strategy instead. Same package value, same foundational work, with emphasis on driving engagement and generating greater positive impact and profit.

Here’s what you can expect should you win this Electromagnetic Brand Refresh package:

  • Compound growth of customers who can’t shut up about you
  • A more highly engaged and productive team
  • Unshakable confidence and pride in your brand

This is a national level brand refresh package which includes:

  • Electromagnetic brand foundation workshop
  • Values assessment & team values alignment workshop
  • Core story development
  • Visual brand refresh
  • Essentials brand style guide
ElectroMagnetic Brand Method

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In 75 words or less tell us: “What will the positive impact be as a result of your business getting an electromagnetic brand refresh?”

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    ElectroMagnetic Brand Method