About Us Helping Brands Realign With Purpose

…And Kind of Saving the World, Too

The Sponge is a branding agency that goes beyond logos. We home in on your do-right-edness and amplify your social value. Not in a follow-me-on-Instagram kind of way – but in an
I’m-a-responsible-business-who-gives-back-to-my-community way.
This results in a deeper purpose for your team, a cult-like following of customers (the good kind), and die-hard fans who, ironically enough, will follow you on Instagram.
Our focus is to create a compelling brand story for you. Our branding services include: new brand names, new brand logos, rebrands, and brand strategies. We find your good and we tell it to the world.
And we solemnly swear to have fun while doing it.

Good People Make Good Companies

In 2001, we were 3 Mac guys living on a PC budget. Fresh out of college, we scored our first deal to design a website and began working on projects we felt really good about….from a cabana.
We grew from designers to branding experts and moved into a bigger office. We took on more clients, learned a ton about what makes a good company work and started winning awards.
…Then we lost sight of our focus.
At some point, we became fixated on what we were doing rather than why we were doing it.
So we rebranded ourselves.
Now we’re intentionally small—both in size and client base. Our roster consists entirely of customers with purpose & people who want to give back. The work we do is meaningful. Our clients get our full attention. And we love working with each other.

Caution: Insanely Talented People Working

Everyone here is 100% committed to making a more beautiful world. And you can’t work here if you’re not awesome.
Awesomeness is the common attribute among our branding agency. With so many different nationalities and backgrounds represented on our roster, it’s the one thread that connects us all. It’s the combination of great skill, natural talent, passion, respect, and reliability—and our insane level of awesome has resulted in an amazing team that works together like a small village.

We Love Helping Good People Grow Their Brands

Passion & Responsibility

The Sponge allocates 10% percent of profits towards sponsoring orphans around the world. It’s a cause we’re passionate about and every dollar contributed directly helps a child. If you’d like to learn more about the effort, or to make a donation, please visit WorldOrphanFund.org.au. We practice what we preach. Because karma.

Passion & Responsibility

A Crew to Clean up Your Brand

It’s so tempting to make a Sponge pun right now – but we’ll refrain and let you soak in (ha!) this one last piece of information.
Our team of big-hearted brand specialists consists of:

  • (High IQ) Strategists
  • (Super-creaty) Creative Directors
  • (Extremely graphic) Designers
  • (Wordy?) Copywriters
  • Interns (who make us feel old)
  • And other necessary administrative support (who come up with the good ideas)

Our Latest Thoughts

We Love Helping Good People Grow Their Brands