About The Sponge

We want to be the best branding agency for the world.
The Sponge is unbent on working with partners who give back. It’s who we are and it’s what we do.

Our Values

Big Love, like family
Our team and clients are family. We have each others backs and are devoted to every member’s success.
Delightful Awesomeness
Our playfield is “outstanding”, the step above excellence, where we continuously delight by delivering that extra awesomeness.
Effectiveness over awards
We create stuff that works brilliantly, focusing on being lean and finding the simplest quickest path.
Timeliness and Clarity
We are quick, meticulous and never rush, so our work is always on time and at its awesomest.
Positive Workplay
We play our strengths with energy and have fun. Smiles and happiness are warmly reciprocated and bring positive outcomes.
Perpetuate Goodness
With gratitude we help good, purposeful businesses, and give back via grants and orphan sponsorship.
Obsession with improvement
Our unquenchable fascination for the better way fuels our continuous personal and professional growth.

About “Awesomeness”
We say “awesome” a lot. That is all.

Growing Our Team

Always on the lookout for more awesome people!

Do you want to make the world a better place? And work from anywhere in the world?

We wanna know what value you can bring to The Sponge and how you’re a good fit for our team.

More Awesomeness


Everyone here is 100% committed to making a more beautiful world. And you can’t work here if you’re not awesome.


Awesomeness is the common attribute among our branding agency. With so many different nationalities and backgrounds represented on our roster, it’s the one thread that connects us all. It’s the combination of great skill, natural talent, passion, respect, and reliability—and our insane level of awesome has resulted in an amazing team that works together like a small village.

Join Our Tribe

We wanna know how you would fit in with our crew of:

  • Brand Storytellers
  • Creative Geniuses
  • Copywriters
  • Designers
  • Developers
  • Growth Alchemists
  • Marketing Rockstars
  • Tech gurus

Current Roles

We are actively seeking awesome people for the following roles:

Not quite experienced enough for a paid gig? We are actively seeking awesome people for the following internships:

  • More coming soon…

Sounds like fun?

If you have been nodding furiously all the way to this point – knowing that you can help us make the world a better place, contact us!


  • Send us a cover letter briefly introducing yourself and what you can bring to The Sponge, along with your CV, to wannabe at thesponge.com.au 
  • Make sure you are thorough so we get to see your awesomeness
  • Include information about your Values (how do yours relate to ours?), your Availability and expected Remuneration in your cover letter.


We look forward to hearing from you!




The Sponge Team



Warning: Agencies, recruiters, and spammers will be ignored/deleted.

Thanks for your understanding.