Let's Give You A Name With Gravitas And Create Raving Fans for Your Business

The right name can help your business. A bad one will definitely hurt it. And there’s a lot to consider that might easily slip past the untrained eye. Because sometimes what looks good in one medium might not work in another.
Take for instance, speedofart.com
This won’t happen to you, though.
Not if you let us help

We Love Helping Good People Grow Their Brands

Careful, or Your Name Might Sound like Pschitt!

(Pschitt is an actual French soda)

Can we assume you’ve Googled: “How to name a business?”
It’s OK! Everyone does.
But you’re not going to find your name that way. At least, not a good one.
Our company and product naming process includes several intense weeks of research, involving international vetting and a search of available web domains. And there’s a science that goes into naming.
Is it distinctive? Is it memorable? Is it better than something you’d get from an online name generator?
This may sound like fun, but trust us, it’s a lot of work. Lucky for you, we’ve been doing this for a long time. We’ve put in 15 years of research and we know what converts. We’re nerdy like that!
The Sponge has helped several great brands find their calling. We start with your vision and bring it to life – conducting interviews, analyzing trends, and studying your competitive landscape. You can be as unique and different as you want to be

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Get a Name With Gravitas

Because it’s going to be yours forever. So why not let the experts help you get it right?
Getting it right means painting a clear picture of what it’s like to work with you.
A good name will:

  • Be Distinctive in the Marketplace & Work in All Formats
  • Make Your Competition Say, “Damn, We Should Have Thought of That!”
  • Look Awesome on a Business Card
  • Not Sound like a Foreign Word for Bowel Movements

We’re big fans of taking risks. But when it comes to naming a business, the stakes are too high.
Let our data do the work!

Our Latest Thoughts on Naming

We Love Helping Good People Grow Their Brands