Marketing Strategy Grab Some Gloves. We’re Going Inside Your Customer!

When you get to the heart of your consumer, you position yourself as the ultimate provider. Not just a great product or service, but a genuine brand who can cure all that ails ‘em.
The Sponge helps you get your message right. We research your markets through focus groups, social listening & interviews to create buyer personas. Then we craft authentic messages that forge instant bonds with your customer.
You become the obvious choice and the brand they want to partner with.

We Love Helping Good People Grow Their Brands

Stay on Target

There are a lot of directions you can go. You need to home in on the right path. Otherwise you’re misspending your advertising dollars.
We’ll find your buyer – and we’ll introduce you to their every habit. You’ll learn what they watch, what they read, where they go and who they follow online. Once you understand their triggers, you’ll be there the minute they need you.

Learn What Your Brand Truly Needs to Be

All things to everyone is for suckers. Go all in on your ideal personas. Your advertising returns will rise fast.
Here’s what you’ll discover:

  • What “pain” should you fix? Customers buy cures. Developing your marketing strategy is instrumental because it tells you exactly what your audience wants. (Do you sell oven mitts or do you sell not burning your fingers?) This is your Genuine Point Of Value. If you misinterpret your positioning, you might not ever be considered.
  • When is the right time to sell? Comprehension of the buying cycle – the right time & right place of it all – let’s you reach the next level of marketing. Because even if your message is spot on, you still need to calibrate your targeting systems.
  • Who are they buying from now? Fully understanding your customer’s purchasing decisions will allow you to position yourself smack in the middle of your buyer’s brain. We’ll help you figure out the key factors behind their choices and how you can make your mark – whether you’re new to the market or an established brand.

That leaves the Where. And the answer is, in all the right channels. Shotgun-style advertising is inefficient. Instead, you will be effective. Your messages will snipe specific locations. No wasted placements. No buying cheap ads just because they’re cheap. And no mismanaged funds.
Your ads will appear precisely where your people have been peeping.
Marketing Strategy is a science – and we’ve been experimenting for 15 years. Our lab coats are filthy and some of us have superpowers due to genius ray exposure (but we promise to use our abilities only for good and to help you ace this project).
Let’s get your marketing strategy right. The right timing, the right medium and the right message. Because then, and only then, will you be ready to move forward.
Ready to find your market?

The Sponge’s perceptive sensibility guarantees a perfect match between your business and its presentation to the world. They makes your values, ethics, goals, and the ‘feel’ of your business shine through every aspect of your brand.”

Geoff Walker, Sydney Massage Time Pty Ltd

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We Love Helping Good People Grow Their Brands