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Culture & Values

We want to be the best branding agency for the world.

B corp

The Sponge is unbent on working with partners who give back. It’s who we are and it’s what we do.
Over the last 15 years, we’ve grown from 3 creatives in a cabana to big-hearted branders who shine light on great companies. We create feel-good stories about entrepreneurs making a difference – and people line up to listen. Buyers become loyal and customers convert to raving fans.

B corp

In 2017, The Sponge became a B-Corp Certified Branding Agency. Being a B Corp guides decisions about our projects and who we do business with. Specifically, we choose to work with clients and projects that are socially responsible, ethical, and environmentally sustainable. And having a positive impact is a must.
We consciously look for ways to reduce our wake. Whether by cutting electricity consumption, or commissioning smaller commercial print runs.

Our Culture & Values

A company’s culture is only as strong as its purpose and values. As big believers of this (and your guide to articulating yours), our day to day decisions are directed by our values. We celebrate team members who exemplify these values. And we relish the opportunity to hear stories from you, our awesome clients, about your experiences on the receiving end.

Our Values

Big Love, like family Our team and clients are family. We have each other’s backs and are devoted to every member’s success.
Delightful Awesomeness Our playfield is “outstanding”, the step above excellence, where we continuously delight by delivering that extra awesomeness.
Effectiveness over awards We create stuff that works brilliantly, focusing on being lean and finding the simplest, quickest path.
Timeliness and Clarity We are quick, meticulous and never rush, so our work is always on time and its awesomest.
Positive Workplay We play our strengths with energy and have fun. Smiles and happiness are warmly reciprocated and bring positive outcomes.
Perpetuate Goodness With gratitude we help good, purposeful businesses, and give back via grants and orphan sponsorship.
Obsession with improvement Our unquenchable fascination for the better way fuels our continuous personal and professional growth.

The Story So Far

Our Journey


Luke and his 2 partners graduate from Sydney’s then premiere design college – Enmore SIT. The Sponge is unceremoniously launched in his cabana. BBQ Fridays are born.


The Sponge moves to Broadway and shifts into the corporate and financial market. One of the founding members leaves to pursue other passions. The company expands from website design to branding – and boy, are they good at it.


We expand to The Cooperage @ Pyrmont, inclusive of a waterfront balcony. Business booms & BBQ Fridays are reinstated.


Published our coffee table book, 310, bursting with awesome brands.


Delved into the new world of social media marketing with a joint venture in a snowboard company. Rapid sales and adventure followed. Still creating kickass brands for clients.


Launched a social media arm to deliver massive wins for clients. We become an equity partner in a national wellness business and expand our team with new senior developers.


We break the mold for a client. Our designers create a complete hosted operating system for a fitness center, something that’s never been done before and results in an oh-my-lord-I-love-this! member response.


Produced our first mobile app. Which was so very 2013 of us.


Massive year! Experienced our “purpose moment” (long story). Fall out with partner in wellness company causes huge ripple effect. Restructure ensues. Highly emotional days. Tears of sadness. Tears of joy. Lots of ice cream consumed. Demand from our awesome clients continues. So we keep keepin’ on.


Awesomeness cannot be stopped. Energized with our new purpose, “to help good businesses do more good,” The Sponge is reborn. A new, agile and remote model full of international superstars emerges.


We walk the walk. The Sponge becomes an officially Certified B Corp and proud member of Conscious Capitalism Australia. With our brand aligned and values defined, we launch a new website (hey, you’re on it now) to tell our purposeful brand story. Also, pretty colors.


About “Awesomeness”

We say “awesome” a lot. That is all.

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Our Latest Thoughts

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