We are story based creatures!

Everything we see, hear and experience (all our senses!) is resolved by our minds as stories. Some are interpreted and easily discarded. Others though, are permanently etched into our minds and hearts, and instantly recalled with the same feelings!

This includes everything we see, hear and experience with brands! Think about all the different customer touch points available today! Everything from promotional materials, packaging, websites, email and social media, through to all staff interactions and systems. All brand messages are interpreted and resolved by our minds as stories. So, are we easily discarded or permanently etched? Naturally we all want our brand to be unforgettably awesome.

Imagine having a suite of masterly crafted stories you can confidently call on at the right moment. And I 'm talking about transformative stories that you tell well! Stories that resonates for your audience, and compel them to take the best next step, whatever that may be at that moment.

Now imagine how powerful all your branding and marketing will be when every touch point tells the right story.

We want you to have the undying confidence in yourself, your brand and your marketing that comes with this clarity of storytelling.

Be Unforgettably Awesome!

Learn the 6 key story types and how they help make your brand unforgettably awesome. But there is one story type that we will focus on most of all in this workshop, with YOU the storyteller and the primary audience. Because in this crucial moment in the history, you must come first.

Join us for a fun, interactive online workshop where we explore brand storytelling together. We will cover many things, including:

  • Learn the three essentials to any transformative story
  • The six story types and when to tell them
  • And the Impact Brand Story framework that forms the solid foundation for all your stories and marketing.
IBS framework

Impact Brand Story Framework

Golden Story

Golden Story Flow



When & Where


Thu 2nd July


2:30 pm to 4:00 pm



Tickets for Good

100% of profits from tickets go towards sponsoring an impact initiative we are proud to be helping launch in Brisbane “Pitch for Good”.

What is Pitch for Good?

Pitch For Good is a live crowdfunding event in which, instead of giving all the power to a small group of experts or “sharks” the audience gets to cast their vote in support of your favourite local social enterprise, helping them get off to great starts for their crowdfunding campaigns on StartSomeGood.

So feel good knowing that not only are you helping your business thrive, but you are also supporting the development and launch of new impact businesses in this region.

Be part of all this goodness now for only

$20 - $69 AUD

We have an unwaged option too.

100% of Profits Fund Pitch for Good

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Spots are very limited, as such we reserve the right not to refund. You may transfer your ticket to another person who can attend.

Meet Your Impact Brand Story Guide

Hi, I’m Luke Faccini, lead brand storyteller at The Sponge. I’ve been working with good brands for 18 years and I’ve helped thousands of people just like you plant their flag at the top of the marketing mountain.

I know this space as well as anyone and an impact brand story is the perfect start point for all marketing. Heck, I even wrote the book on the topic - Impact Brand Storytelling: A how to guide for founders hell-bent on changing the world! I love talking brands and in you get to pick my brain about yours at this workshop.

I’m looking forward to helping you evolve your brand story and increase your impact.

Warmly, Luke

Luke Faccini

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