The First Brand Storytelling Method Designed Exclusively for Good Businesses Who Give Back
(so you can expand your audience on a small budget)

When your branding no longer resonates (or if you never had any in the first place) and the marketplace is teeming with competition, your story is what sets you apart. Especially now—when consumers care more about your values than ever before.

If you don’t tell your story right, you’ll be lost in the crowd.

A good product or a service is a great start. And your mission is fantastic, but…

It’s not enough if:

  • You can’t convey your values in a single clear sentence
  • Your branding confuses your audience
  • You’ve evolved beyond your dusty old mission statement
  • Your staff has lost their passion
  • You’ve become the captain of a ship
  • Lost in the ocean
  • With nobody rowing in sync
  • Randomly dropping oars in the water with no real purpose
  • Unsure of what direction to head
  • Moving nowhere
  • And nobody on land even notices you’re missing

…Then you need a new story.

By Now You’ve Noticed the Internet Is FILLED With Branding Advice

Total information overload. But as a good brand, your scenario is unique. And very little of what’s out there applies to you. Or the advice is outdated because technology, social trends, and new algorithms can change overnight (Hello, dead Facebook organic reach!)

And if you follow the lead of your competition and do exactly what they’re doing? You’ll never stand apart. Worse yet, you’ll never move ahead.

It’s not that all the advice out there is bad. It’s not! It’s just not for you. Because you hold yourself to a higher standard. You care more.
And you deserve to win.

Which is why we developed this:

Impact Brand Story Program

Impact Brand Story Program

The first brand storytelling method created exclusively for good
businesses who want to do good in the world.

This D.I.Y. program teaches you how to craft and share your story with the portion of the world that matters most to you. So your brand will resonate with a passionate audience—and you’ll create raving fans who will always choose you first.

In this 10-module self-paced program, you’ll learn:

  • How to craft a brand story that makes people love you
  • Defining your purpose
  • Assessing your values
  • Aligning your mission
  • How to dial in your audience
  • Buyer personas
  • Identifying your core customer
  • How to become unforgettable
  • Your impact model
  • Your content strategy
  • How to reignite passion in your team
  • Secrets to increasing productivity upwards of 300%
  • Increasing employee morale
  • Making your business an awesome place to work
  • How to create your Golden Story Flow
  • Telling a story your customers actually care about
  • Having your listeners hang on every word
  • Making people fall in love with your business so you’re the only
    brand they think of when they need the solution you provide

Your Golden Story Flow will be at the heart of everything you do. It shifts your story from whatever you have now, to one your customers care deeply about. And it makes them feel like a hero for supporting you.


“We were in the middle of re-branding and wanted to know how better to market our product including how better to tell our story. This training provided practical marketing techniques and rationale.”

~Susan Perry~
CEO of CommunityGro

What You’ll Get with the Impact Brand Story Program

15 modules

When you join this program, you’ll receive:

  • 10 modules of world-class brand story content
  • Videos, webinars & downloadable MP3 you can listen to anywhere
  • Private access to our exclusive Facebook group where you can ask me anything and receive support & feedback as you
  • Define your purpose
  • Create your values
  • Align your team
  • Establish your audience
  • Write your story
  • Improve your website
  • Create new content
  • Improve your advertising
  • Reach ideal customers
  • Establish your culture

…So you can create your new legacy and build a business that will
stand the test of time.

How Do I Know This Will Work?

Storytelling isn’t new.

It’s been around since cavemen lit fires and painted pictures of mammoths on walls. As long as communication has existed, there have been stories.

This style of marketing isn’t going away.

And today it’s more important than ever.

With so much competition and new businesses nipping at your heels, your brand story is the critical element that separates you from the herd. It makes you the leader of the pack.

We’ve taken centuries of marketing lessons and all the best elements of current trends, stripped out the irrelevant bits, and boiled it down to these essential components. This program contains only the good stuff.

Yes, this information exists elsewhere. It’s scattered across the vast wasteland of the internet. And you can hunt it down piece-by-piece if you’d like. And you can try to identify what elements may be applicable to you using trial-and-error (mostly error) to see what works. Or you can trust this is the exact process I’ve used to help hundreds of brands over the last 17 years, and save yourself dozens of hours.

Because it’s already proven.

This program includes every intimate branding secret I’ve discovered through tough-learned lessons, and presents it in a way that works specifically for good businesses.

It’s for companies that care about the world—but don’t have the budgets of the big guys

Are You a Good Fit?

This program is right for you if:

  • You own a business or organization with a cause
  • You do the marketing for a business
  • You want to start a business
  • You are a consultant
  • You want to learn brand storycrafting

This information has helped thousands of people. And if you fit the description above, I’m positive it will work for you.

(Money back guarantee below!)

Haven’t got time? Think again!

At first glance 10 modules seems like a big time commitment! And while there is a truckload of new strategies in this program, all it takes is as little as an hour a week and you’ll see a massive transformation before you know it.

Block out an hour a week to work on your business, and build one that creates real impact!

What Gives Me The Right To Teach You?

Hi, I’m Luke Faccini, lead storyteller and CEO of The Sponge. I’ve been working with good brands for 17 years and I’ve helped thousands of people just like you plant their flag at the top of the marketing mountain.

I know this space as well as anyone and this is the exact process I use for my clients.

It works.

It’s been proven hundreds of times.

Except now instead of charging you $20,000 to do all this for you (as I normally do) I’m teaching you how to do this on your own.

This is the DIY version.

So you can get the guidance you need to build your brand on a budget and create your legacy.

This self-paced course is perfect for good brands with limited resources. It’s priced within reach for those who know the value of investing in themselves, but still have bills to pay.

Luke Faccini

30-Day Money Back Guarantee

30 Days

We’re positive you’ll love this program. If the Impact Brand Story Program doesn’t meet your needs, we’ll give you your money back.

Right now there are three ways you can get the Impact Brand Story Program.

For those who prefer a Done-With-You style program we have two options.

Our premium option is a One-on-One 6 week intensive program where we coach you and your team through each module so it is done awesomely and fast. That is ten sessions, one on one, workshopping each element together. Right now you can lock this in for only $9997  $5997.

Our next option is a Group 6 week intensive program where we coach you and 9 others like you, through each module so it is done awesomely and fast. That is ten sessions, in a group format, workshopping elements as a group. Right now you can lock this in for only $2997  $1497.

Last but by no means least, we have the Do-It-Yourself, self paced program for only $1297  $327. . That’s 78%  95%. less than our Done-With-You (One-on-One) option and it contains the same resources and training materials. So much value!

And you don’t need a marketing department to make this work.

Start Your Story Now

Choose the plan that’s right for you


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Do-It-Yourself Online Program


Mastermind (Waiting List)

$2997 $1497

Done-With-You 6 Week Group Intensive


Leading Edge

$9997 $5997

Done-With-You 6 Week One on One Intensive


Cash Strapped Social Entrepreneurs

$347 FREE

Do-It-Yourself Online Program
Cash strapped Social Enterprises, Start-ups & Not for Profits. Tell us why we should agree


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