Audience Masterclass

Wed 16th Feb 2022, 12:00 pm - 1:00 pm Brisbane AEST or 1pm AEDT

Make Your Marketing More Meaningful

Join us to learn how to make your marketing more meaningful and create a greater positive impact in the world.

Audience is always first

With any new client or project, we always start with getting clarity on Audience. Because if you don’t intimately know who you are talking to with your messaging, how can you possibly resonate?

“When you can articulate a person’s problems, better than they can, using the language that they use, they automatically attribute you to having the solution, regardless of whether you do.” Wyatt Woodsmal

This new Audience masterclass captures our latest techniques to show you how to make your marketing more meaningful.

Attending this online class you will learn:

  • How to determine and prioritise your highest value audiences
  • The secret to defining personas for true resonance
  • And how to leverage the personas you create for greatest impact

Because using targeted personas lifts sales leads by up to 124%! And who doesn’t want that?

What you will need

Nothing but your presence, willingness to learn, and something to take notes with! Everything will be provided during the session, including access to our new for ‘22 audience persona tools. These are the tools we use when we do this work for clients.

The Cost

Tickets are $137 + small booking fee.

All funds generated through ticket sales are donated to our current Double the Goodness grant recipients. At present there are two:

Detour House Inc, a wonderful organisation that provides accommodation and care to women and girls in the heart of Sydney through two services – Detour House and The Girls Refuge.

Ocean Mind, a Victorian surf coast based organisation, provides evidenced based therapeutic surf programs for young people with mental health issues, social isolation and disabilities.

It’s because you are awesome!

It is only through the awesomeness of Sponge clients that we are able to help amazing impact organisations such as these. Together we are able to help amplify their brands, so they can do even more good in the world. On behalf of team Sponge, thank you for being awesome.