Introducing Our ElectroMagnetic Brand Method

Introducing Our ElectroMagnetic Brand MethodWhat is An ElectroMagnetic Brand?

An ElectroMagnetic Brand is one that effortlessly pulls awesome clients and team members to it. And these awesome people stick for good, because they never want to leave!

It’s this work that has our team buzzing, because we believe everyone deserves complete fulfilment at work. This type of fulfilment is only possible with a company culture that empowers every team member to realize their fullest potential. To play in their zone of genius.

When this genius is unleashed, productivity soars, meaning boosts in profit and positive impact (now that’s a true sustainable business!).

Fulfilled people are happier. Happier people at work, means happier people at home, which means happier communities. That’s ultimately what we want for everyone, including you and your team, your families, and your communities.


How magnetic is your brand?


Why is it Urgent that You Become an ElectroMagnetic Brand?

Awesome is no longer enough today. Your potential customers and team members want to choose brands that do good in the world as well as provide an awesome product or service. Those businesses that don’t move with this demand will soon become irrelevant as their competitors respond to the call.

We’ve found there are three types of businesses that are switching on to this – and ripe for becoming an Electromagnetic Brand.

Next Generation Business Owners

The new leader who has taken over their business, with all the legacy it was built on. Bringing to it their best, to ensure it thrives into the future.

Purpose Shifters

The founder who has grown and stabilised their business. And is now ready to refocus on culture, purpose and impact, to confidently charge into the next phase.

Purpose Led Founders

The bold vision holder, well seasoned in business, who wants to start their new enterprise with the strongest foundation so they achieve their noble goal sooner.


Sponge ElectroMagnetic Brand Method and Elements

The 5 Elements of an ElectroMagnetic Brand

Becoming an Electromagnetic Brand is through 5 Elements that anyone can learn and develop.


The ability to deeply understand each of your audience types, and develop clarity on what moves them to action.


The ability to cultivate a company culture that delivers consistent, exceptional experiences, that all your audiences rave about.


The ability to integrate a relevant, positive impact model into your business, giving your audiences more reason to love you.


The ability to always have the right message, in the right place, at the right time, that moves people deeper with you.


The ability to breathe life into your culture and strategies to capture hearts and minds, and sustain affection long term.

As you increase your strength across each element, you become more successful. Our idea of success is a business that delivers true fulfilment to its owners and team. A successful business model is one built on a healthy balance of people, planet and profit. Like a three legged stool, all are needed to keep you elevated. This balance is the ultimate sustainable business.

Wherever there is an organisation providing a product or service that is in demand, there is an opportunity for an ElectroMagnetic Brand. And it begins with a committed leader.

Let’s look a little deeper at each Element.


ElectroMagnetic Brand - Audience

1. Audience: Know Who You’re Talking To.

All businesses have different audiences. Yes plural! And they include internal and external audiences. From owners to customers, and many variants in between.

Because they are different, we need to treat them differently for our messaging to resonate for them. And so that our marketing works.

When we are clear on all our audiences we have insights into:

  • Their different problems and needs
  • What they need from us in order to buy, or take any other desired action
  • Opportunities to connect with them meaningfully

Many businesses fail to do this work and it results in costly assumptions being made and marketing that could simply never convert.

Getting to know our audiences takes the guesswork out of connecting. It enables marketing to work.

ElectroMagnetic Brand - Audience Upside

Top 3 mistakes people make when it comes to audience

  1. Singular thinking: Believing you have only one audience and then only having one message across all your brand and marketing materials, regardless of who encounters it and their perspective.
  2. Gobbledygook messaging: Not prioritizing your audience’s perspective. Rather, mistakenly communicating as though you are the audience, using language that satisfies you, and that only you understand.
  3. Fictional buyer personas: Where idealistic profiles are dreamt up based on assumptions and wish lists of who
    a business wants their customer to be, rather than direct insights.

Action: Identify your different audiences and develop real personas for them. Then, use the language they use to talk about the problems you solve for them in your messaging.

ElectroMagnetic Brand - Culture

2. Culture: Who You Are As A Brand.

Whether by design, or by default, our culture is how our organisation shows up in the world. It’s the way we look, feel, sound and are experienced in the marketplace, from our marketing through to our systems. As well as direct experiences with our team members.

Every decision, action and behaviour our team makes is governed by our culture. These centre around:

  • Vision and purpose that inspire and give meaning
  • Values that drive the day to day decisions and behaviours
  • Tonality and key messaging that unify the brand voice

Our mantra: “Your culture is your brand.” means if you want a brand worth raving about, you must have a culture that is worth raving about. That doesn’t happen by accident!

ElectroMagnetic Brand - Culture Uplift

Top 3 mistakes people make when it comes to Culture

  1. Nonexistent vision and purpose: Your brand has no clearly articulated vision and purpose, meaning your people have no inspiring direction to charge towards.
  2. Misalignment: Your brand has no defined, or poorly defined core values that hold no meaning for your people. So they have no clear guide for their decisions and behaviour.
  3. Done and dusty: The last culture development work was years ago and the result is gathering dust in a folder somewhere, or worse, died on the wall.

Action: Define your culture code to be polarising. For it to ElectroMagnetically attract the right people to your team, it must repel those who aren’t right. And then protect your culture unapologetically!


ElectroMagnetic Brand - Impact

3. Impact: A Noble Reason To Be Loved.

Given the choice, people will pick the brand that does good. Choosing brands that do good on our behalf enables us to feel like co-creators in that goodness.

It’s why we have the mantra: “Awesome is no longer enough today.” Brands can have a positive impact in the world and prosper.

When considering an impact model its vital to think:

  • Simple and easily understood
  • Relevant to the business and market
  • Authentic! Bolted in verses bolted on

Creating positive impact in the world makes a business more lovable by prospects, customers and the wider community. It makes sales easier. It helps attract and retain top talent, which has a huge positive impact on the bottom line!

Top 3 mistakes people make when it comes to Impact

  1. Too many good initiatives: Too many good things is a bad thing for engaging your tribe.The moment you add “and”, you make it infinitely more difficult for your audience to hold the story in mind. If they can’t remember it, they can’t share it.
  2. Irrelevant to what you do: Your impact model must align with your offering. It doesn’t make sense if you’re a toilet paper company and your impact is feeding people in need (as noble as it is).
  3. Transaction based: People want to support brands that are committed to creating a change. Impact initiatives that are reliant on a transaction can be perceived as a tactic to generate business only. The exception is when it is the business model eg. one for one.

Action: Explore your options, then choose a simple, relevant positive impact model for your business. Make sure it is meaningful for you, your brand, your team, and your customers.


4. Strategy: Connect All The Dots For All.

Organisations have many different audiences. Each needs precisely the right message at the right time, to move them to the next desired action step. The message in that moment must be unapologetically for them alone, or it risks not being perceived as “for them” and simply ignored.

Strategy is essentially connecting the dots between who our audience needs us to be and who we are as a brand. Multiple strategies are required to connect the dots for each audience, consider:

  • Mapping each audience’s journey
  • Platforms, mediums and messaging
  • Integration and tracking

Resonance and relevance is everything. Having clearly mapped out strategies enables campaigns to work effectively, time and again. It helps everything in the business to work smoothly together.

ElectroMagnetic Brand - Impact Uplift

Top 3 mistakes people make when it comes to Strategy

  1. No Journey Mapping: Each audience has a different journey with you. Without mapping them, you cannot meet them where they are with the right message to move them deeper with you.
  2. Generalised Marketing: Using one general marketing message that is designed to cater to every possible audience. Trying to be all things for everyone, quickly makes a brand nothing for anyone.
  3. Zero Tracking Tools: Without the right tools to monitor your efforts, they are for nought. Without measuring, knowing what works is impossible. And forget about optimising.

ElectroMagnetic Brand - Impact

5. Evolution: Breathe Life Into Your Brand.

Often the good work covered in Audience, Culture, Impact and Strategy is left to die in a binder in a desk drawer or worse, on the wall!

There is a misperception that when the initial work is done, it is done. In reality it has just begun. It is sustained energy and focus that’s required to bring it all to life, and keep it living. To breathe life into a brand we need to consider:

  • Celebration and amplification of culture from top down!
  • The tools, processes and expertise to support the strategies
  • Ongoing measurement, refinement and realignment

We want to capture the hearts and minds of all our audiences (both internally and externally), so they fall in love with our brand and stay with us forever. This results in increases in profits and positive impact. We need to do the work to sustain their attention and affection. There is no finish line.


Top 3 mistakes people make when it comes to Evolution

  1. Leadership disconnect: When your leadership team lives and breathes anything other than the defined brand culture, they cause problems for the team. What is modeled by leaders becomes law.
  2. Unskilled execution: Leaders assign the execution of strategy to unskilled team members, rather than engage seasoned professionals. Poor execution of a strategy means poor results.
  3. Short term outlook: Failing to allocate adequate time and resources to sustain efforts on your brand and culture means you will fail to sustain affection of your audiences. There is no finish line. The journey is the goal.


How Can You Become an ElectroMagnetic Brand?

The 5 Elements we have covered here are the focus areas that will transform your organisation. They are learnable and can be developed.

With focus you can transform your brand to become an Electromagnetic Brand much faster than you think. We know this because we’ve worked with business owners and leaders across many different industries to rapidly transform their brands.

  • By focusing on the 5 Elements our clients have shared with us:
  • Greater fulfillment from their business
  • A greater sense of purpose
  • More engaged and productive team
  • Misaligned team members self selecting out
  • More referrals from their customers
  • Easier sales and compound customer growth
  • Top talent seeking them out
  • Their best financial results yet
  • Unshakable confidence and pride in their brand

We have a range of ways we can help you become an ElectroMagnetic brand. The natural first step is to assess where you are right now with our ElectroMagnetic Brand Scorecard. It is free and takes you less than 4 mins to score your brand.


How magnetic is your brand?

For those who qualify, we have a mastermind program that ensures rapid implementation of the ElectroMagnetic Brand methodology.

Shifting Business as a Grind to Ultimate Fulfilment

Evan owns a second generation manufacturing company. When we met, he was experiencing his business as a grind. It was not delivering the fulfilment, or the lifestyle he dreamed it would.

Check out his story of transformation here.

How magnetic is your brand?

Warmly, LF

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