Want A Culture Code That Cultivates Devotion In Your Team?

Wed 18th January 2023, 12:30 pm - 1:00 pm GMT+10

Want A Culture Code That Cultivates Devotion In Your Team?

Culture by gut feel, or by old school business methods, only gets you so far. The world of work has changed dramatically and what top talent looks for in this highly competitive market requires a new way of thinking. We know! By our own experiences, and working with clients.

We’ve learned that shaping an authentic, impact-infused culture code is what cultivates real devotion in your team. This unleashes their highest potential and productivity. It makes them never want to leave, saving you the time, money and the heartache of constant turnover.

If you’re wanting to build a brand culture from scratch, or you’re looking to level up an already good culture code, this is for you. Join us for a jam-packed 30min webclass and discover our simple Culture framework that will help you shape your culture and set your team apart.

You will learn will that creating an authentic culture code gives you:

  1. A compelling direction that transforms your business from a commodity to a crusade to join and fight for.
  2. Clear rules of play so your team can act independently in the best, most aligned way for your business.
  3. An unapologetically polarising culture that repels bad hires as it attracts aligned superstars, so you can grow smoothly and easily.

Naturally, there is so much more goodness in store for you and your business than just these! Make this session a must, and a turning point for your business. It’s on Wednesday, 18th January live via Zoom, and tickets are available now so secure your spot.

Ticket Price

This workshop is usually priced at $147 but right now you can get all the goodness for free because we want 2023 to be the year of Culture. Click the Register Here button on this page and secure your seat now.

About Your Trainer

Luke Faccini is the Chief Do-Gooder at Sponge and has been helping brands grow since 1999. Helping people get clear on their brand’s Culture, impact and storytelling are his passion. He lives our purpose of helping all brands be good for the world, and looks forward to this session with you.

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